Earth day Celebration, 22 April, 2017:


Earth Day was celebrated in the school premises on 22 April, 2017. Its aim was to raise awareness among students about our environment. It is celebrated every year to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet earth. With an objective to make our children aware about our environment and have a responsible attitude towards our surrounding, the school celebrated Earth Day by turning it to weeklong activities.

The weeklong activities consist of Drawing and painting competition on the theme ‘Save Earth’ and display of the same drawings at every corner of the school to give a very clear message to one and all. Every day, activities based on the theme were presented in the morning assembly by the students which include poem recitation, one act play, sharing of facts about our earth and precautions to be taken to make our planet neat, clean and green, speech etc. The main focus of the activity was to aware students about environmental issues; empower them to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development that will help save our planet and its environment; promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues; and advocate partnership, which will ensure people enjoy a safer and more pros perous future.