Students’ Leadership Council & Election Camapaign-11 to 14 April, 2017:

To enrich and practice democratic values among the students, Students Council Elections are conducted every year. This year the elections were conducted on 14 April 2017 to elect various office bearers. For this all the students hailing from four houses were given a chance to vote. One week before of this event, eligible students were nominated for the Head Boy & Girl Asst. Head Boy & Girl, Senior and Junior House captains, Vice Captains. Eligible candidates were provided different symbols. They started campaigning for the success. Teachers were engaged to support the students. All the teachers performed various duties such as house Incharges , Presiding officers, Polling agents etc with great courage and enthusiasm. Through this event, students came to know the ideas of democracy, unity, integrity and fraternity. They elected their representative in a democratic way. They participated enthusiastically and set an example of peaceful co-existence. Their high level of involvement and whole hearted participation were really a matter of appreciation.